Health Secrets of the Longest Living People 1

If you want to know the secrets of a long and healthy life, read on to take a look at the lifestyle habits of those among us that live longest as compiled by Forbes:

1. A diet of grains, veggies and fish: As it is with centurions in Okinawa Japan (where there are the most number of long living healthy people) it is with Daisy McFadden of the US: a diet that is high in grains, fish and vegetables and low on meat, dairy and eggs.

2. No Sodas: Whether it uses sugar or a sugar substitute this one is a real no-no.

Fruit juices, milk and iced tea and above all water are the best beverages. And yes the old villains, coffee and alcohol are Ok too as long as taken in moderation!

3. Indulge yourself: A chocolate cookie here, some chocolate ice-cream there, and even an occasional hamburger are fine, so long as it’s occasional and the portions, particularly of sugary items and red meat, are small.

4. Keep active, keep busy: It is important to arise each day with a sense of purpose; lounging around in your night things all the time just because you are retired is a recipe for disaster. Get up, dressed and get going: go to the salon, cook, clean, visit friends, go to church, do stretches. In short keep active, be healthy!

5. Walk: You don’t need a gym membership of a fancy exercise program. All you need is to make daily walking a habit if you want to live long