Boost Your Immune System!

A lot of health supplements, magic fruits, antioxidants are out in the market today, sometimes it makes you wonder, do they really work?

A lot of them claim to quench free radicals in your body, but, do they really deliver their promise? This is not about questioning the veracity of their claims, but, to put it simply, this is about the traditional way of minimizing if not totally getting rid of free radicals and in effect, helps boost your immune system.

The immune system is part of your major organ system that is designed to fight free radicals, microorganisms and even cancer cells that can harm your entire body system.

So if your immune system is weak, your whole body is compromised. That is a fact everyone should know and understand.

There are several ways by which you can boost your immune system to keep it at its highest level of function. One of which and the most basic is for you to have enough hours of sleep.

To an adult 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is needed to ensure the body has recovered from the previous days’ stress, if not the immune system becomes frail.

That is why in such conditions it is easy to catch a cold or flu. Your body needs time to regenerate and rejuvenate so it can perform at its maximum strength.

Another way is to hydrate well, especially if you are in tropical areas where the heat of the sun is way up high. A well hydrated body will guarantee excretion of your waste products and keep it from being stuck inside your body which can leave your immune system compromised.

Have a regular exercise regimen, the best program should include at least 2 to 3 times a week of at least 2 hours activity. This will help boost your circulation, cardio function and immune system.

Remember also to have proper hygiene because it will not only ensure a healthy immune system but it will also reflect a smooth glowing skin. Remember that bad bacteria thrive in unclean, moist areas, so keep yourself free from them!

Keep yourself away from cigarette and alcohol because to put this simply having these chemicals is just like giving your body a full dose of the free radicals you are supposed to be avoiding.

The last but not the least is to have a balanced diet, which means more of vegetables and fruits. Just follow the food pyramid and the recommended daily allowance and you will not get lost. You may also include trusted vitamins, minerals and food supplements in your diet.