Why Exercise Is The Single Best Health Intervention Ever?

If there is one ‘medicine’ that can help with living longer, help with diabetes and dementia, improve brain function and cardiovascular function as well as blood vessel function, and decrease depression as well, it is exercise. Whether it is improving performance or fighting disease, it is exercise that is the single most important factor for good health, according to a study.

exerciseThe study examined blood samples taken from individuals who had just finished the Boston marathon.

Researchers of the Massachusetts General Hospital led by Dr. Gregory Lewis, cardiologist and lead author of the study, published yesterday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, said exercise is the ”ultimate intervention”.

For the purpose of the study, chemical snapshots were taken of changes in the bodies of people who exercised. 21 ‘metabolites’ were identified in the blood stream that respond to exercise.

There is the attempt being made to understand how exercise works at the molecular level and how it works biologically so that effective exercise routines, beneficial treatments and supplements could be developed.

We know that exercise is good for you; the question is why it is good for you, and hopefully the study will help to understand metabolism and exercise some more.