White House Answers Questions About What The Health Care Reform Means To You

According to the White House Blog, Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of the White House Office of Health Reform has been making use of the hugely popular micro blogging platform Twitter to answer questions about what the health care reform means to you. Questions such as these were answered:

Q. How soon will my husband and I (we both have preexisting conditions) be able to get comprehensive health care?

A. Later this summer there will be a transitional high risk pool for people who’ve been unable to get insurance because of preexisting conditions. By 2014, preexisting condition exclusions will be banned and everyone will be able to get coverage.

Q. There will be a fine for those who do not have insurance, but what about those who can’t afford it?

A. New law says there will be no penalty for those who can’t afford insurance & provides tax credits & support for those who need it.

Q. What about businesses that already provide health care to their employees. Will this cause their costs to escalate?

A. No. In fact, the new law cuts costs for businesses. For example, new tax credits for small businesses: Tax Credits are First Step in Health Insurance Reform for Small Businesses