Time Urgency Impatience or the Hurry up Maladym

If you have arrived at this page and are about to hurry up and scan trough it because you really don’t have the time to read and have so many other things that need doing, stop right there!

Slow down, take a breath and read this post through.

So you never heard of the Hurry up sickness or to put it properly, Time Urgency and Impatience, and to be sure it was practically unheard of until some time back.

However, with our rushed, stressed, modern lifestyles, where multitasking is a requirement and stress pretty much unavoidable; this condition is becoming alarmingly common. This is a chronic sense of being pressured for time.

One expert describes the conditions as ‘Otis-itis’, where you commonly find yourself so rushed for time that you get impatient waiting for the elevator, and pressing the button repeatedly (but futilely) to speed it up.

We do this, even as we realize the pointlessness and unreasonableness of the act! If you have been fuming as you stand at the checkout counter of the supermarket, or fidget and fret as you wait for your computer to download a page and find yourself yelling at the kids to hurry up and you find that you do this repeatedly and consistently, then you may be one of the millions with the hurry up disease!

It is this perception that time is money that makes us want to utilize each moment optimally and cannot stand any delay as we perceive it. Any time spent unproductively is seen as being frittered away, wasted or stolen. Take this test:

  • Do you yell at your kids to hurry up all the time?
  • Do you find that there are not enough hours during the day to accomplish all that you want?
  • Are you always hurrying from one to another place or feeling pressured about time?
  • Do you get upset or hate it if you have to wait for anything to get done?
  • Do you often think of others as being slow or even stupid?

Well if your answered more yeas than nays, you could be a candidate for Time urgency impatience. This problem can take over your life and endanger healthy familial relationships.

It can prevent you from enjoying quality time with your family. This impatience that seems to pervade all aspects of life then takes its toll on our health as well and puts you at higher risk of hypertension and even heart disease.

So evaluate, reevaluate, and breathe and just…. Slow down!