Safe And Effective Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Millions of people are affected by sinus infection, commonly known as sinusitis. Despite the discovery of antibiotics, research proved that many still suffer from it.

However, taking medicines is not the only sinus infection treatment available. There are other options you can rely on which are even more effective and safer to use.

In general, sinusitis is a health condition wherein the sinuses and nasal passages become inflamed.

The kind of sinus infection treatment you may use varies greatly whether you’re having an acute or chronic sinus infection.

This inflammation can be caused by virus, bacteria, fungi, allergens, or pollutants in the air.

When you have sinusitis, you may also suffer headache, bad breath, pressure in the eyes, nose, and cheeks, cough, and fever.

Most people suffer too much from sinusitis since they don’t know that they already have it until they start experiencing severe headache and difficulty in breathing. Sinusitis has many symptoms which include the following:

  • Pressure in the facial area especially in the eyes and nose
  • Having cold for more than ten days
  • Thick yellow or green nasal discharges
  • Upper molars become painful, making it hard to chew food
  • Tiredness

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you better start looking for an effective sinus infection treatment. You should immediately have yourself checked by your physician in order to be diagnosed.

Applying the right sinus infection treatment recommended by your doctor can help prevent your condition from worsening.
Most common sinus infection treatment options


Taking antibiotics is the first sinus infection treatment your doctor will surely recommend. Sinusitis is caused by bacteria and antibiotics can help your body get rid of them. Doctors prescribe taking these medicines for at least three times a day for a week or more depending on your case.


Sinusitis can clog your airways as mucus thickens in your nasal cavity. It causes difficulty in breathing that’s why decongestants are often used as a sinus infection treatment. It relieves symptoms of sinusitis and clears the air passageways.


If you are allergic to a lot of things, then you never ran out of antihistamines in your pocket. However, it is not only good in treating allergies but is also widely used as a sinus infection treatment.

Remember that allergens found in the food you eat and in the surroundings can trigger sinusitis. Taking antihistamines can help prevent serious sinus problems from occurring.

Hot beverages

Drinking hot liquids is also an effective sinus infection treatment. Drinking a hot cup of tea, water, and even a bowl of chicken soup can already help unclog your nasal cavity. However, it is not advisable to drink hot coffee.

Warm compress

Applying hot compress in the affected area is also a popular sinus infection treatment that guarantees result. You may use a towel dipped in warm water and apply on your face just below your eyes so that it covers your nose. The warm temperature can speed up circulation in the sinuses.

Sinusitis is not something to get worried about. You can immediately put an end to it by applying an appropriate sinus infection treatment. Go ahead and ask your doctor which treatment is best for you.