Poor Sleep Responsible For Testosterone Drop Or Other Way Round?

A new study is turning on its head, the long held belief that poor sleep or lack of sleep may be responsible for lower testosterone levels in men. Scientists are now saying that it could be the other way around.

Men are known to see a drop in levels of testosterone (about 1 to 2 per cent each year) after the age of 30. Also by age 40, sleep quality goes down.

Canadian researchers have recently found that fall in testosterone levels are responsible for men’s inability to sleep soundly.

The recuperation of mind and body is best possible when a person is sleeping deeply and when less deep sleep is possible this recuperation is less as well.

This deep sleep requires a lot of synchronization and low levels of testosterone can interfere with this. With age, there is neuronal loss and there is consequently less synchronization and deep sleep for men as they grow older.

In this way, scientists opined that it is lower levels of testosterone that impacted sleep and not vice versa. This could lead to hormone related treatments for poor sleep in the future but will also raise questions about the side effects of any kind of hormone therapy.