Most Common Diaper Rash Treatment Mistakes

We all know that babies have very sensitive skin which is prone to irritation like diaper rash. Their skin is easily irritated that using the wrong kind of products can already cause great damage like itchy rashes.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child from skin problems like diaper rash. The best way to keep your little one protected is by knowing exactly what diaper rash treatment to apply when irritation occurs.

Sad to say not all parents are aware of the most appropriate diaper rash treatment which is ideal for their baby’s skin. Sometimes they make mistakes on the kind of treatment they apply that instead of giving relief, they only make things worse.

Here are some of the most common diaper rash treatment mistakes parents commit:

1. Applying talcum powder or corn starch can make rashes disappear

Isn’t it that most parents apply powder on their baby’s bottom the first instance they noticed rashes appear?

They would immediately sprinkle the affected area with powder thinking that it can relieve irritation. Contrary to what they believe is right; dermatologists are strictly against this practice.

Powder and cornstarch are made of very fine materials that can get into your baby’s lungs. This diaper rash treatment can trigger an asthma attack and cause difficulty in breathing.

Using cream can relieve rashes

Applying cream on the affected area is another common diaper rash treatment mistake. Creams contain very harmful chemicals like boric acid, camphor, methyl salicylate, and benzoin. They can cause redness, itching, and trigger more rashes to appear.

Scented soaps and wipes are effective diaper rash treatment

Parents love to keep their babies fresh and sweet smelling the whole day that they love to use all kinds of scented baby products like soaps and wipes.

What they don’t know is they should never be used as a diaper rash treatment. The truth is the fragrance coming from wipes and soaps can irritate the skin more. It can worsen the rashes and make them even difficult to treat.

If you’re guilty of committing these mistakes, it’s time you learn about diaper rash treatment that works. Bear in mind that diaper rash can be caused by almost anything: from the diaper your baby’s wearing down to the baby products you use.

Below are tested and proven effective treatments to eradicate diaper rash:

  • Change your baby’s diaper regularly especially if it’s already wet or soiled. Diapers come with wet detectors but don’t wait until they appear to change diapers.
  • Proper hygiene is a practical diaper rash treatment. Keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry. Wash it with warm water and mild soap. Get a clean towel and pat it dry. Don’t scrub; otherwise you’ll irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Another effective diaper rash treatment is to use products with petroleum or zinc oxide. They can effectively relieve itching and redness.
  • If rashes persist, you try to change the kind of diaper you use. It may be the cause of rashes. You may also change your wipes and soap.