Mental Health Statistics For The United States

According to statistics, a grim situation faces the United States in terms of mental health with one in three Americans, who could be diagnosed with mental disorders in any given year.

As May is being observed as mental health month, we look at some statistics relating to mental health:

  • According to recent prevalence data 12 month prevalence rate for a mental disorder or substance (abuse) disorder is 32.4 %.
  • In any given year, as many as 75 million people are likely to be suffering from some or other mental disorder.
  • Anxiety disorders are the most common; afflicting more than 19% of the populace. More women than men suffer from these disorders. Women are at particular risk when it comes to specific phobias; i.e. fear of spiders, for panic disorders, and for post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Mood disorders may afflict nearly 10% of people, again with the number of women sufferers being more than men.
  • Impulse control disorders afflict a little over 10% people. Here more numbers of men are affected than are women.
  • Substance disorders are found in more than 13% of people with there being more men than women who are afflicted with the disorders.

Source: Psych Central