Glenn Close Trying To De-Stigmatize Mental Illness

The aim is to be able to get people talking freely and frankly about mental illnesses; and not be shamed into silence, which can negatively impact treatment and/or possible recovery and actor Glenn Close is trying her best to get that message out there.

Close and her sister Jessie Close, and nephew Calen Pick are making a statement in T shirts: Jessie’s Tee says “Bipolar” and Calen’s says “Schizophrenia”.

Glenn’s just says “Sister” in their TV public service announcements, which are part of a campaign called BringChange2Mind which aims to make the “unspeakable speakable.”

And why is it so important to speak about mental illnesses? It is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • The success of a patient’s treatment and restoration of quality of life may depend upon this.
  • It is part of recognizing how a mental illness can take its toll on family members; because it is them as well as the sufferer of a mental illness have to live with it, and deal with its consequences. Also families can help to promote recovery and well-being and functioning.
  • Correct information and education can help to correct misconceptions that people (the sufferer, family members as well as others) may have.
  • Speaking out about problems is an important first step towards getting support for one’s difficulties.