Do Men Have Cellulite?

It does not seem fair that women have to cope with menstruation and that all men have to do is shaving!

And it seems further unfair that only women seem to have cellulite; that men seem impervious to this unsightly, unseemly proof of fat deposits right under the skin that is visible even among the slimmer ones among us; even among the famed celebs!

Well the fact is that though the incidence of cellulite is far higher among women than men, cellulite in men is in fact not unknown. Some men also have cellulite, though it is far less common. The reason that this subcutaneous fat is more visible among women is that they have a thinner dermis (skin) than do men.

Hormones are a factor responsible for causing cellulite to appear and so many women find that they develop it for the first time after pregnancy. So this is another reason that we find cellulite to appear more commonly among women than men.

Among men there are factors that can increase the risk of cellulite, such as lifestyle factors (poor or calorie rich diet, sedentary life), poor blood circulation, excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal problems and smoking.