Deafness Cure On Horizon

Those with certain kinds of hearing loss have reason to cheer as researchers have recently made considerable progress recently in this field. According to researchers, functional inner ear cells have been created by scientists using mice and this could form possible deafness treatment.

Certain kinds of deafness occur due to damage to the stereocilia. The stereocilia are hair like growths in the inner ear which sense vibrations and send sound signals to the brain.

Hearing loss occur when these hair like structures get damaged and are unable to send signals to the brain. The stereocilia cannot regenerate themselves.

The new research that created the cells from mice by using embryonic stem cells, is offering hope that these hair cells can somehow be regenerated.

Viewed under the microscope, these cells looked as though they had been taken out of the ear, according to David Corey, professor of neurobiology at Harvard University.

Though this is not technology that we will see becoming current any time soon, (it is estimated that a decade or so more of research and development will have to be done before the treatment becomes reality it does offer fresh hope for the future of the hearing impaired.