Why Is Kissing Good For You?

April 28th was supposed to have been ‘Kiss your Mate day’ which appears to be associated with the celebration of Fordicida – the budding flowers of Spring in Rome.

Kissing is not just a delight for the sense, but it involves the most sensitive parts of the body, the lips and the tongue, and it is also supposed to be good for your health! How is kissing good for health? Read on to find out:

  • A smooch can make you and your senses feel elated and can help to lower stress. It can lessen your tensions, literally help you loosen up.
  • It can help you burn calories. Yes it’s true; kissing can help burn two to three calories a minute.
  • A kiss can help you work out the muscles of your face, and therefore can tone and tighten those all important facial muscles.
  • Since a kiss will literally set your pulses racing, it gives your heart a bit of a work out as well; a tiny cardio workout if you will.
  • Kissing can make you feel more at peace and cure you of feelings of anxiety.

So do yourself and your relationship a favor; bestow a passionate kiss (or several) upon your loved one; it is great for you!