Using The Computer At Night Is Bad For Your Sleep

We all probably have an idea about the many problems, physical and psychological, that can arise out of extended and uninterrupted periods spent working on the computer. It can also affect your social life and interpersonal relationships.

And now there is some evidence to show that working on the computer long hours may also be a cause for disruption of your sleep [good night sleep].

What happens is this: when you work on the computer late in the evening or at night, after darkness falls, it tends to create confusion for the body clock or the sleep wake system of the body.

The kind of light that emanates from a computer monitor is seen to be responsible for this kind of sleep disturbance.

So can TV watching have the same effect of sleep disruption and fooling the body clock. Well it is estimated that because one typically sits at a greater distance from a TV than one would from a computer monitor, TV viewing tends to have less of an effect. However, even TV viewing till late at night is not a great idea. Reading, it is recommended and a lot better!