DNA Breakthrough May Have Far Reaching Impact On Health

A pioneering fertility technique which is able to swap DNA between eggs may prevent many inherited diseases according to scientists. This is regarded as a breakthrough in combating the kind of mitochondrial disorders that can cause death in childhood.

A number of such disorders, such as blindness, diabetes, muscle weakness, heart and liver failure and learning disabilities can hopefully be prevented. As of now, there are no treatments to cure diseases of the mitochondria.

Mitochondria DNA, which is passed on from mother to baby is responsible for these disorders or diseases and is seen to occur in families with histories of such disorders/diseases.

Earlier those that had a family history of such deadly disease had only two choices; have no children at all or take the risk of having a child with the inherited affliction.

The new DNA breakthrough will offer hope to all such people since it will be able to ensure that no such debilities are passed on.

The disease or disorder is caused by defective or malfunctioning DNA, which will now not be passed on to a baby with this new medical breakthrough. This procedure involves the transfer of the nuclear DNA from the mother to a donor egg that has normal mitochondria that is not malfunctioning.

Source: Press Association