Ways To Ease Back Pain – Out Of The Box Solutions

Paying attention to one’s posture can be a very effective means to control and even lessen back pain. Here several out of the box solutions suggest themselves:

  • The Egoscue seeks to go to the root cause of the back pain and are a series of exercises that try to correct the problem using posture and joint alignment. This can ease stress in the area of the back, pelvis, spine, shoulders as well as neck.
  • Tai chi chuan, translated means something like “supreme ultimate fist,” and is one of the less aggressive martial arts. Chinese medicine uses this system of relaxed, smooth movements as its main tool of physical therapy. This can improve posture and muscle alignment.
  • The Franklin Method is currently used more in Asia and Europe but is gaining momentum in the U.S as well. This system uses movement, touch and imagery to aid in movement dysfunction.
  • Often it is the everyday activities such as driving or sitting working at a desk that may cause tension and pain. The Alexander technique can help people function more effectively on a day to day basis. Posture and the way we move may things that cause the body to go off balance, but being aware of the right way to sit, walk, stand and bend over could greatly improve the situation.

Source: Denver Post