Study Says Sex Life Ends At Age 70

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, the sex life of the average person ends at age 70. Men aged 30 were seen to have a further sex life expectance of about 35 years more and women of the same age were seen to have a sex life expectance of about 30 more years.

The study found that interest in sex and consequently the person’s sex life depended heavily on good health: those in good or very good health were seen as twice as likely to be indulging in sex than those who were in poor health.

It was also seen that more men than women are likely to lose years of sexual activity due to poor health.

Health did not seem to impact women’s sexual life as much it was seen. The researchers were of the view that the findings of the study may persuade men to pursue more healthy life styles.

“Translation of expectations about the duration and quality of sexually active life may, at the individual level, influence important health behaviors to promote or prolong sexual functioning, such as adherence to medical treatment or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle,” the researchers were quoted as having said.

Source: Business Week