Clogged Arteries? Lose Weight!

We know that obesity increases risk of developing heart disease because fatty deposits can clog arteries. There is however good news if you are among those; for this may be a process that can be reversed according to a new study.

If being overweight clogs arteries, losing that weight can also help to unclog them, this new study has suggested. It has been seen that atherosclerosis can actually be reversed by weight loss, and not just slowed down.

People of middle age with diabetes and heart disease were examined in the study. They were seen to lose more than 12 pounds over a two year period which was seen to reduce the amount of plaque deposits that had been clogging their arteries. The deposit not only stopped accumulating, they actually were seen to reduce.

And there is more good news. It does not matter what diet you use or which method of weight loss you use.  So long as you lose the weight you can reap the benefits of a healthier body and lower risk of obesity related disease. Earlier studies that examined atherosclerosis used powerful drugs whereas this one relied solely on weight loss that resulted from diet control.

Source: CNN