Possible Cons Of The iPad In Healthcare

Continuing our coverage of Apple’s iPad and its possible significance in the healthcare segment, we look at the possible cons of the new tablet as elucidated by Scienceroll.com.

Though the iPad may be cheaper and more user friendly than other healthcare tablets and it is possible that new healthcare apps may soon be put in place by the manufacturers, it likely has the possible problems:

  • No camera means that it has no application for telemedicine
  • No Flash which is too widely used for it not to be missed
  • No mouse support which may be a problem for some
  • Battery life of 10 hours is excellent but what if the iPad gets handed off to the next person? you cannot replace the battery here; you have to recharge it.
  • It’s small but not small enough to fit into a pocket.
  • If it falls will it and its data survive?
  • No Multi-tasking is limited
  • No barcode scanner which could come in useful for checking and uploading drugs etc.
  • Can it be disinfected? What if water falls on it? This is important in the medical industry.
  • The iPad has a touch screen. What about the doctor who is wearing his gloves then?