Laughter Yoga And How It Can Help

For many a term like laughter yoga sounds like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo.

But pause a while and consider the fact that laughter has always been considered the best medicine, and besides laughing just makes one feel so good! So really there is no reason at all not to explore the option of laughter yoga.

One may well wonder how does one just start to laugh? Won’t it be like a fake laugh? Well yes it could begin that way, but laughter can be very infectious indeed, and when everyone around you is doing it, you feel like really joining in! It is something that may begin in a forced way but will soon be replaced with genuine enjoyment and mirth.

So what will laughter yoga do for you? Will it cure you of all ills and ailments? No, that is not the claim made; what laughter does is, it puts you in a better frame of mind. It makes you feel more upbeat, more positive, more able to deal with stress that life throws at you.  Also laughter is known to improve breathing, thereby improving oxygenation and circulation. It can reduce stress and even pain levels by increasing the amount of endorphins in the blood.

Source: chicagotribune