72 Million Dieters In The United States, Are You One Of Them?

As we struggle with our individual goals for attaining good health or getting into a particular dress size, the Washington Post Blog takes a look at the number of people on a diet in the nation and the number of diets available to choose from.

If interested in picking one, WebMD lists a staggering 75 different diets to choose from; several for every letter of the alphabet really!

The write up reveals a startling fact that the diet industry in the country, (this includes how-to-lose-weight books to diet drugs to sugar free foods to the services of physicians, nurses and nutritionists) is worth about $68 billion!

Weight loss is big business; witness the popularity of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers (they made $462 million and $1.2 billion, respectively just by the way). By all means let’s all of us live healthy; but let’s not buy too much into the whole weight loss industry; there is a lot we can do for ourselves!