5 Easy Ways To Wreck Your Health With A High Cholesterol Diet

People enjoy party. Where there are parties there are foods.

Where there are foods there are varieties, where there are varieties, most often than not, the healthier choices of vegetable salads and bland tasting low fat foods are left behind.

People tend to run to tastier fatty pork barbeques and beef steaks but with high content of cholesterol in it. It’s mouthwatering just reading about it.

High cholesterol diet is one of the easiest pathways to heart diseases, arterial clog ups, hypertension, eventually kidney failure and many more. But people can’t just resist do they?

It’s ironic but there are a lot of articles that present facts about how to avoid it but still many are suffering from the ill effects of a high cholesterol diet.

So instead of running through the-don’t-do it stuff a lot of us read to preserve our health, why don’t we run through totally the opposite of it.

Easy ways to wreck your health with a high cholesterol diet

Eat more than what you need

Eating more than what you need is one easy way to ensure that you bring your health to rubble. Like adding up a 3rd floor to a building which has a foundation only meant for 2 floors, high cholesterol diets will eventually lead your health to a breakdown.

Eating more than what you need per meal is the wisest thing to do when you want to do away with life itself.

Make it your everyday choice

Make high cholesterol diets your top choice every day. Do not look into vegetables. Do not even think of fish meat. Just think about how lamb chops would look like on top of your favorite plate.

Think about how pork bellies would smell when they are properly marinated and fried. Think of how much it would be much tastier a high cholesterol diet would be.  That’s the only things that you have to consider to totally ruin your health.

Avoid searching for other healthier options

Avoid seeking out healthy ways to burn down the fats. Carefully plan your high cholesterol diets, making sure that no fiber comes with it.

No fruits, no vegetables, no oatmeal, nothing but plain saturated fat and cholesterol. You won’t have to go and make an effort to be knowledgeable on the right food sources than you ought to have.

Don’t exercise

Failure to exercise while on a high cholesterol diet can make it completely useless. Eat more of those cholesterol-rich foods and not do anything to burn them down can make you gain weight in no time at all.

Live in a stressful environment

There’s no better way to conclude and to complete these easy steps to wreck your health with high cholesterol diets than to surround yourself with stressful things.

Pick a fight with your mother or wife, go on ahead and sleep early in the morning (at 3 am) and then wake up at 5 to get to work, do not go exercise to release your body toxins, find a way to drink all the beer that you could get and don’t you dare go on a vacation because it’s not even money making.