Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pork Products, Pepper

According to different reports about the recall of pork products by Daniele International Inc., which has recalled approximately 1,240,000 pounds of ready-to-eat varieties of Italian sausage products, including salami, the recall is linked to Salmonella.

According to this USA today report, the recall has to do with pepper which is the spice used in preparing the ready to eat products or the packaging material that is thought to be carrying salmonella.

Though health officials have not found this salmonella strain in any Daniele products, the company has issued a statement saying that there is no federal requirement for pepper to be sterilized; however that they would be using irradiated pepper for preparing their products henceforth.

Salmonella is known to cause symptoms such as diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps and is not generally too severe; however pregnant women need to be extra careful, as do babies and the elderly.