Paternity Tests Available In The Drug Stores

Like the generic drugs or sanitizers, nowadays paternity tests are also made available in the nearest drug store down the block, like any other consumer goods you can buy over the counter.

Despite the contradictions coming from those privacy advocates, specialists and other concerned government agencies, still paternal tests like Identigene, Sorenson Genomics and other DNA tests continue to spread all over the market nationwide which were first offered to the public through the Internet last 1993, but now only a little cheaper.

However, these paternity tests are not acknowledged in courts since validity of these results cannot be assured.

Like those testing kits for HIV, pregnancy, drug use, cholesterol and blood sugar which were criticized by experts when first introduced in the market, paternity tests also received the same controversial reaction.

Genetic counselors and doctors worried that these products might not perform well and be hard to understand without proper knowledge making the results void.

Sorenson Genomics also assured every concerned sector that the results of the genetic tests in drug stores are easy to understand. Identigene said that released results are 99.9% accurate.

The kit contains 3 cotton swabs used to collect cheek samples from the child, the alleged father and for the mother, which is optional, but the sample from the mother would make the results more reliable. Aside from that purpose, it is also used to trace for adoptive relatives and prove valid immigration status.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that people should be responsible in using these testing materials and regard them as social interaction weapons with both positive and negative consequences.