The Battle With Teenage Acne

We all went through the period when our hormones went mad with anger, rebellion and teenage rage, and we all remember the complications we went through while our body was changing rapidly creating almost a completely new person.

The acne is one of the common problems of the teenage life and I saw how much damage it can do as I watched my children almost losing their self esteem.

With the entire social conduct specific to their transformation period, my children were overwhelmed with the aspect of their faces when the first signs of acne appeared.

I will have to say, that like any other mom, I was tempted to tell them they were beautiful anyway but I do not encourage any of the other moms of the world to tell this to a teenager with acne.

In conclusion, I did my best to study and get the necessary information and I explained them that the hormones responsible for this unpleasant problem were going to decrease in activity and as a result so would the acne.

I told my son that the androgens were responsible for the pimple appearance and I also advised my daughter to stay away from the heavy makeup and the idea that foundation can hide acne without interfering with it.

You can imagine that having twins, boy and girl, both teenagers, was quite an experience, but I must say that the information I dug up during that time helped a lot and since then I keep on sharing it with my friends that eventually come to be in the same situation.

A teenager’s face skin is usually very sensitive and has hydrating problems. Either the quantity of sebum is higher in some areas or the skin is too dry in the others.

My teenagers had problems in the forehead, nose and chin areas that being the spots with the most sebum and the rest of the face was extremely dry.

So since the typical cleansing solutions didn’t seem to work much, we tried a dermatological treatment with prescription from our dermatologist and as well some home made remedies that helped a lot.

The dermatological treatment contained zinc solutions and mint alcohol, and a special medicinal face cream meant to reestablish a uniform hydrating of their face.

As a home remedy I encourage them to take a face sauna with an infusion of chamomile, sage and mint tea three times a week, and that acted like a natural antiseptic for their young skin.

They also had some changes in their diet because I had the doctor’s recommendation to increase their B vitamin intake.

The hardest part was to make them keep their hands of their faces. All teenagers, and mine were no different, have the urge to squeeze and remove the pimples by hand.

I guess, all of us grownups have been there and we all know how much damage the process can do to a face.

So after seeing they keep on doing so, I scheduled a visit to a cosmetic saloon, where the pimples and black pores were removed professionally and I must say the process helped a lot.

I saw by myself how much the attitude of my young changed after their faces started to look better, I realized that all the effort was really worth it, and I must admit that this made me very proud of myself as a mom.