Different Methods Of Treatment For Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is by and far one of the rarest forms of cancer which affects people every year. In fact, there are less than 3,000 reported cases of this type of cancer each year.

Still, for those people who are unlucky enough to be inflicted with this disease, they will no doubt be interested in all the available types of treatment.

This type of cancer is very tricky and not every patient will be able to receive every treatment listed herein.

However, if you have bone cancer you should discuss each method of treatment with your physician to determine which will work best with your unique case.

Treatment Type #1: Surgery

Surgery is the most extensive form of treatment for bone cancer. This involves the removal of tissue around the tumor in the bone. This also involves the removal of muscle that is located around the affected area.

Treatment Type #2: Radiation

In some cases, radiation can be used to treat the tumors and to also prevent recurrences. This type of treatment can be given before or after a surgery on the bone is conducted.

Treatment Type #3: Chemotherapy

Through the use of drugs in chemotherapy bone cancer can be cured. However, chemotherapy is generally accompanied by many trying side effects. In fact, many patients will only consider chemotherapy as a form of treatment as a last resort.

Other types of treatment that can be used on a patient with bone cancer include hormone therapy or the use of drugs known as Biphosphonates.