Childhood Behaviors That Can Prevent Cancer!

The most effective way to prevent children from obtaining certain types of cancer as adults is by teaching them simple behaviors while they are still children.

It is vitally important for parents to teach healthy behaviors to their children when they are young in order to encourage them to make certain life choices that will keep them healthy and cancer free!

What Specific Behaviors Can I Change In My Child?

Tobacco Use: There are several simple and common sense behaviors and lifestyle choices that you can encourage your children to maintain. This includes but is not limited to not using tobacco or tobacco related products that could lead to lung or mouth cancer in adulthood.

Healthy Diets: Another simple behavior that can be taught is that of eating healthy!  It is medically proven that children and adults who establish proper eating habits and nutritional diets are far less at risk at getting certain types of cancer.

Exercise: Physical inactivity is another behavior that should be modified in order to get a child up and moving around. Proper exercise is another key to staying healthy and building a strong immune system that can fight off cancers.

Sadly, many children are never taught these types of behaviors during their childhood, and are caught in households where the use of tobacco, poor eating habits, and no physical activity take place.

By simply setting an example for your child and leading a healthy lifestyle yourself, you could very well be preventing them from obtaining certain types of cancer in adulthood.