Being Aware Of Skin Cancer Risks

Everyone has the potential to get skin cancer due to the amount of time that they spend in the sun, soaking up UV rays.

However, different people are much more susceptible to gaining damage from UV rays over other people based on the way that their bodies work.

Learning if you are one of those people could greatly help you with avoiding the risk of cancer by the actions you take to protect yourself from UV rays.

Damage occurs from UV rays in the form of sunburn, although one could still gain UV damage without burning. Tanning is another form of skin damage, although much less harmful.

When tanning occurs, the body begins to produce more melanin, which is a pigment which helps to block out damaging UV rays to a degree. People with higher melanin levels can still get skin cancer, however, they must also be careful.

People who are more susceptible to skin cancer are those who have a number of moles, are very fair-skinned and sunburn easily, or those who get intense sun exposure a few times a week.

Those who are taking oral contraceptives, certain antibiotics, antidepressants, and many other forms of medication may be more at risk. Consulting a doctor is a very important step to help realize one’s risk of exposure to harmful UV rays.