Sleep Can Help The Healing Process During An Hepatitis Infection

A good nights’ sleep is important for everyone, but especially for people who have a Hepatitis infection.

When you sleep you are able to rejuvenate your body, mind and emotions.

When you rest, your liver is resting. It is important to get a full night’s sleep every night of the week.

Your liver will respond best to medication if you have at least twelve hours of sleep. When you are well rested, your body has more energy to be able to fight off the infection.

Sleep allows our bodies to regenerate cells. This is the only time our bodies can produce the growth hormone and a few other anti-aging natural chemicals.

If the sleep that is needed is not achieved, the body doesn’t have the opportunity to regenerate as well, and the tissues of the body will age more quickly. This will result in the body’s immune system having to work a lot harder, and eventually will lead to the immune system weakening.

The lack of good sleep, where you are actually resting, and the body’s inability to regenerate cells, can lead to other diseases besides the Hepatitis infection.

The Hepatitis virus is treated like any other liver toxin while we are asleep. The liver will destroy any toxic elements we may harbor in our bodies.

If we want to keep our liver healthy, and keep allowing for this vital organ to fight off illnesses and bacteria, we need to make sure we do take care of it.

Eating foods that are natural will cause less stress on the liver, as well as making sure we are always well rested. Think of the process that the liver goes through, almost like when we take a shower. Showering cleanses our outer body, and our liver cleanses our inner body.

Endorphins, which were discovered in 1975, are substances which are created in our brain. They offer a pain relieving and stress relieving element very similar to Morphine.

Endorphins latch onto the receptors in our brains, and help to remove the perception of pain that we may have.

Sleep stimulated endorphins allow the whole body to work at fighting the infection or virus. The human body can regenerate up to 2% during 48 hours of sleep.

If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis, allow yourself the rest and sleep that your body requires. This will not only help your body to heal, but will also allow it to fight off any other illnesses that could hinder your ability to live a healthy and normal life.