Seasonal Allergies: What Is The Healthiest Way To Deal With Them?

Many of us have been suffering from seasonal hay fever and allergies and understand how incredibly miserable they can be.

Seasonal allergies usually start around the end of spring and can go all the way through fall until the first frost of the season.

Seasonal allergies which are also known as hay fever are usually the result of pollen and mold but can be from a variety of different elements in the air outside.

Seasonal allergies coupled with dust in the house make for an even worse combination.

Many people get allergy shots beginning when they are very young in an effort to be proactive with their later years and allergies. It is difficult to know if these allergy shots work throughout the years because we do not know how severe the allergies would have been without the shots.

Most people forego allergy shots and take a more reactive approach to seasonal allergies as opposed to a proactive approach.

Most of the prescription allergy medications are now available over the counter. In addition, many of our pharmaceutical companies such as Tylenol and Aleve are now making sinus and allergy medications with similar ingredients.