5 Foods That Can Help With Depression

It sure seems that anymore we could use food to cure our ailments instead of prescription medications and health supplements, doesn’t it?

We now have foods that can induce labor, foods that relieve the intestines, foods that increase our metabolism and now, foods that can help with symptoms of depression.

Many of the ingredients in foods used to treat symptoms of depression are also found in part in health supplements such as St. John’s Wort that are designed to treat the symptoms of depression.

Fish oils have omega 3 fatty acids which have been known to help with depressive symptoms.

Brown rice contains Vitamins B1 and B3 both of which has been known to treat depression.

Brewer’s Yeast as odd as it sounds is high in Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and the entire B vitamin family is known to treat symptoms of depression.

Whole grain oats are known to suppress the feelings of depression because the oats help the body to avoid the higher than high then crash and burn feeling that carbs and sugar give us.

Cabbage has been known to prevent stress as well as fight infection and heart disease.