How Snacking Can Be Good For You?

Many of us grew up being told not to snack between meals, that it would spoil your teeth and your appetite and that it wasn’t healthy.

Well research over the years has revealed that it isn’t snacking per se that is unhealthy; it is the kind of snack that you may be having that is unhealthy.

If you are feeling peckish at about 11 in the morning, several hours after breakfast and you reach for a bag of salty chips, or a gooey pastry certainly that is unhealthy for you.

If however you reach for an apple or a couple of carrots then you have not only assuaged your hunger, you have done it with a low calorie, nutritional snack that is actually good for you! [low calorie diet]

Snacking between meals has earned a bad rep over the years but it is actually good for you, studies have shown. When you sit down to a meal ravenous, you are likely to eat quickly, and even over eat. However if you have had a healthy snack an hour or two before your meal, you won’t be that hungry, so you won’t eat as fast or as much!

So make sure that your home as well as your place of work is well stocked with healthy snacks for when you feel the need to nibble.