Good Medicine In A Fur-Covered Package

If you have been considering adding a pet to your family, here is one more reason to say yes: having a pet can make you healthier.

When you have a pet, you will be less lonely. Dogs are especially good companions.

A pet will give you more opportunities to engage in exercise and to be outdoors.

There are also plenty of social opportunities that come with pet ownership, from joining clubs to just chatting with fellow pet owners. A pet also helps you stay active and motivated.

Having a pet can help lower high blood pressure, and decrease your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Playing with a pet can also lower your stress and anxiety levels. Some studies have shown that senior citizens who are pet owners are less likely to have minor health issues than seniors who do not own pets.

Pets provide a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice nurturing skills for both adults and children. Children learn responsibility when they have a pet.

Caring for pets helps children learn to be respectful of other living things, and helps bolster their self-esteem. Children who own a pet are more likely to be involved in other healthy activities, such as sports and hobbies.