Don’t Ignore The Snore

If you are one of the many out there who think that snoring is nothing more than an inconvenience that a spouse or a partner has to learn to live with, then you should read further, because snoring is potentially dangerous and can worsen or have underlying medical problems.

Snoring can be the cause of lifestyle impairment and even impact relationships negatively. Don’t ignore the snore because:

  • Snoring could be caused by and be a symptom of an underlying condition such as sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder which can cause low blood oxygen or hypoxemia, sleep deprivation and other complications which in rare cases can cause congestive heart failure.
  • Snoring causes the sufferer to get inadequate sleep or actually suffer from sleep deprivation and people around the snorer would also likely suffer such a fate.
  • Day time drowsiness and irritability is a characteristic of many snorers since a restful night’s sleep becomes elusive and difficult to get.
  • In many cases snoring can cause considerable psychological and social damage as well.
  • Snoring has also been seen as a possible cause for lowering of the libido.
  • Studies have shown a correlation between loud snoring and heart attack as well as stroke, that loud snorers were far more at risk from heart attacks and stroke than non snorers.
  • Snoring has on occasion been cited as a ground for divorce, it can have such a negative impact on inter personal relationships and so adversely affect intimacy. [snoring solutions]

Snoring can have many causes such as throat weakness which causes the throat to close during sleep. Sometimes it could be stress related tension in the muscles that may misalign the jaw, causing the sleeper to snore.

Fat deposits in the throat area are sometimes responsible for snoring, which is why weight gain can suddenly result in a person starting to snore. Very often it is an actual obstruction in the nasal passageway or the touching of tissues at the top of the throat touching that causes a person to snore volubly.

Some people snore after having a few drinks because the alcohol makes the muscles of the throat to go slack. Many people also find that they snore more when they lie on their back because this causes the tongue to be forced back into the mouth.

So whatever the reason, prolonged snoring could be causing you problems that you don’t even realize, so it is best to get it investigated and cured.