How To Determine If A Midwife And Natural Childbirth Are For You?

There certainly has been a lot of talk lately about women giving birth at home by choice not because they went into labor and couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

With increasing health care frustrations and decreasing personal touches at hospitals more women are choosing to have home births and use a midwife than ever before.

Home birthing and utilizing a midwife are wonderful choices for some people. And, home birthing and a midwife are not for other people. So how do you decide if a home birth and midwife are for you?

First of all you will be more successful with a home birth if you are a healthy low-risk mom to be. Apart from a healthy mom to be it is questionable whether a breech labor should be conducted in the home. [breech birth]

There have been studies conducted that a woman in labor and her baby are as safe in the hospital as they are at an in-home birth when there is a skilled practitioner present at the home birth.

An at-home birth would mean no epidural injection, no narcotics, no catheters and no IVs. If this sounds like something that would be okay with you, the benefits to all those things are that you will be completely conscious when your precious baby is born.

If you feel comfortable proceeding intervention-free, a home birth may be for you. If however, you cannot bear the thought of being treated as a birthing mother instead of a patient at a hospital and if you’re sure you will need that epidural then home birthing may not be for you. And since there are no interventions the recovery period will be much shorter.

One benefit to at-home birth is that typically at-home births have shorter labor periods. With a home child birth the woman does what her body tells her to when it tells her to. In a hospital the woman is dictated by doctors and medicine.

If you have chosen to breastfeed there are many benefits to an at-home birth. If you have decided you will not be breastfeeding you can still opt for an at-home birth however this aspect will not be a benefit to you.

The most natural thing in the world is for the baby to come out and immediately start sucking your breast. In the hospital there are many things that take place before they set the baby on your breast. It is thought in some cases this lapse in time contributes to breastfeeding frustrations many mothers feel.