How To Creatively Snack Healthy On A Budget?

The recession has been tough on everyone and every industry including the health and food industry.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are much more expensive than pre-packaged boxed or canned foods.

Healthy meals seem to take longer to prepare than throwing something in the microwave and these are our excuses for not eating healthy.

I have found recently there are several tricks to eating healthy on a recession budget and several food items you may never have thought to put together.

1. Cottage cheese and pineapple slices. Buy the generic brand of cottage cheese and canned pineapple slices. This makes an excellent late morning or early afternoon snack.

2. Yogurt and fiber. Depending on your age you very well may need to be getting some extra fiber in your diet anyway. You can buy large off-brand container of vanilla low-fat yogurt. Also purchase generic fiber cereal. [fiber diet]

Mix the two every morning for a healthy and fiber-full breakfast. The fiber can also be used as a great snack when you’re hungry as well.

3. Get loose leaf green or black teas from a local farmers market. You can usually get a baggie full of the loose leaf tea for around $2.50 this should last you several weeks.

If you have a tea ball you can boil the loose leaf tea on your stove and drink hot or put in a pitcher in the refrigerator for a cold glass of green or black tea daily. Teas such as green and black tea have many health benefits including antioxidants.

4. Popsicles. As crazy as it sounds you can get off-brand popsicles made of real fruit juice and you can get sugar-free or no sugar added popsicles made of real fruit juice. These make a superb snack when you have the munchies!