Wind Farms Ups Risk Of Migraines, Panic Attacks And Heart Disease

According to recent study it was found that people who live near wind farms are at greater risk of developing panic attacks, migraines and heart disease.

The wind farms can cause” wind turbine syndrome” and the symptoms for this peculiar disease include sleep derivation, tinnitus and vertigo.

The study conducted by Dr Nina Pierpoint, a leading New York pediatrician, has led her to believe that people living near wind mills or wind turbines in different countries like U.S., Britain, Italy, Ireland and Canada are more prone to nightmares and also leads to impaired brain development in children.

There are 219 wind farms in Britain, and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has plans for around 4,000 extra turbines to be installed.

Dr Pierpoint, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, believes turbines are dangerous because the low frequency sounds they emit interfere with the ear’s vestibular system, which controls our sense of balance.

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