When You Are An Adult With Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder is no longer a disorder known to small children. It is now common in a great number of adults.

Keeping up with your chores at home may seem hard for you to do. You may also be having a hard time getting your life to come together.

Managing your time between work and family is a daunting task for you.

You also might feel overwhelmed with everything that is rushing through your mind. If you feel like your life is on a spinning wheel and never stops then you may have ADD.


If you have ADD then you probably are having a lot of trouble concentrating. You may not hear what people are saying to you. It is not that you are trying to be rude; it is just that you really do not hear what they are saying. You are in a world of your own.

Getting anything finished seems impossible. Deadlines are never your best friend. Concentrating on what you started to do seems hard for you. Sometimes you may get forgetful and just simply forget what you are supposed to be doing.

Portraying Hyperactive Symptoms

Sometimes you may feel moody, upset about things, or you get bored quickly if you have ADD. You body does not seem to want to sit still and be quiet. Talking too much to anyone that will listen may be a problem for you.

Controlling your impulses is also something that is hard for you to do. Doing things without thinking about the consequences could be affecting your life.

You find yourself interrupting conversations by letting your mouth get ahead of you and saying things that you should not say.

Help with ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder will feel like it is sometimes overwhelming to you. Everything is in chaos, and you cannot seem to fix anything. It will not be impossible for you to develop habits that will get your life back on track though.

Baby steps are the key to getting started. Try to keep all your important things to do in an organizer. This way you will not be late for the tenth time to your doctor’s appointment.

Start a list of things you need to do and place it on your refrigerator in plain sight so that you will not forget where it is.

Check your list everyday to add or delete items. If a task is a large one then you need to only work on it a little at a time. When you feel yourself getting frustrated then you will need to take a break and go back to it later.

Do this until you have finished your task. Breaking this large task down will help you to accomplish it.

Support for ADD

It would be a big help to you if you could have support when tackling the problems associated with your Attention Deficit Disorder. Several therapists that specialize in ADD are available for you to talk to about your concerns.

You can also join a support group in your community or even online for help. Remember that you are not alone.