Healthy Swine Flu Victims Should Not Take Tamiflu

World Health Organization recommends healthy people with swine flu should not be given Tamiflu. Many healthy people have already been prescribed the antiviral drug Tamiflu to contain the spread of dreadful disease.

Even people with underlying health conditions have also given the drug and studies have warned against the possible side-effects.

According to latest WHO guidelines, antiviral medications like Tamiflu is not recommended for healthy patients with uncomplicated illness.

The experts also recommend that ‘otherwise healthy children’ older than five with the illness should not be given Tamiflu unless they fail to recover or their condition worsens.

But all youngsters under five should be given antivirals as they are at ‘increased risk of more severe illness’. The drugs should also be given quickly to patients in a serious condition or who appear to be worsening to cut the risk of pneumonia.

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