Treating Eczema With Shielding Lotions

Eczema is a skin condition which often begins in childhood and continues throughout life. Up to 34% of all Americans suffer from eczema.

Medical researchers have not yet determined the exact cause, though it is believed to be related to the immune system. Eczema causes eruptions on the skin which itch intensely.

New studies are finding that eczema patients have fewer outbreaks when they use a product known as a shielding lotion. Shielding lotions are designed to provide a barrier between skin and the outside world.

Irritants, such as chemicals in the environment, cannot then reach the skin and cause skin irritation, which exacerbates eczema and other skin conditions.

Not only can shielding lotions help prevent new eruptions, but they can also help existing eruptions heal.

A shielding lotion is different from a traditional moisturizing lotion in that it forms a barrier and helps the skin increase its own natural ability to keep out irritants.

When possible, choose shielding lotions that are free from all irritants such as perfumes or dyes, and which provide adequate sunscreen protection.

Until medical science is able to find a cure for eczema, helping our skin learn to take care of itself better may be the next best thing. [Eczema Cure]