Coffee May Reverse Alzheimer’s

Two new studies suggest that caffeine consumption may delay the growth of Alzheimer’s disease or potentially prevent it from developing according to a July 5th edition of the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease.

The study took place in Florida and showed that a daily dose of caffeine that totaled 500 milligrams or the equivalent of five eight ounce cups of coffee reversed the memory issues of mice that suffered from Alzheimer’s memory loss conditions.

With two months of the caffeine regime the mice showed much higher scores than mice who went though the same memory tests without the added caffeine in their diet.

According to the Journal article, the caffeine regiment reduced the amount of beta amyloid found in the blood and brain levels of the mice that is commonly linked to humans who suffer from the same disease.

In the past, a previous study showed that caffeine during early adulthood helped prevent mice from developing memory problems due to the stimulant’s calming effect on inflammation which is the reason why beta amyloid levels rise.

The same study also showed that caffeine reduces the amyloid levels in elderly people who suffer from dementia as an Alzheimer symptom similarly to the mice.