Therapy Options For Successful Pain Management

Do you deal with pain on a daily basis? Does it seem like there is no relief or hope in sight for treating your condition? The unfortunate truth is that many people live with pain on a daily basis.

In some cases the pain is caused by a medical condition that currently has no cure or treatment.

However, for some people pain may be due to injury or disability. In either case, there is a new treatment option available for successful pain management. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a new way of learning to cope with pain, and reducing the severity of the pain experienced.

What Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Cognitive behavior therapy is a program that teaches your body to better deal with the pain you experience. Specific techniques are used to reduce the stress and tension that can make your pain worsen.

It is now understood that the way you react to the pain can actually make it worsen or lessen. For example, if you are used to your pain quickly becoming severe and unbearable you may stress out at the first sign of pain and become tense in anticipation.

In this situation, the stress you feel can trigger your body to release hormones that actually make the pain worse. Stress can also cause the muscles to tense which causes pain to become more severe.

How Does The Therapy Work?

In most cases you will meet with a therapist in either a personal or group setting. The therapist will teach you techniques that can help you relax when the first sign of pain is experienced. These techniques will include breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and positive thought processes.

You will learn to think of your pain in a new way. This can help to lessen the stress and tension experienced. This is not a one day class or seminar. Most people will need to complete several sessions with therapists before results are noticed.

Who Should Consider Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Anyone who has chronic or severe pain can try cognitive behavior therapy. Many people choose this option for pain management rather than other treatments such as taking medication.

Unlike narcotic medications, which can have side effects and dependency risks, cognitive behavior therapy has no risks or side effects. For those who have a history of allergic reaction or prior negative reactions to medication, this therapy can be very beneficial.

Why Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy Effective?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be very helpful for many people by teaching a new way to think about and react to pain. You will be taught a new way to cope and react to the first signs of pain. By implementing these techniques over fifty percent of people see a reduction in pain.

How to Begin CBT?

If you think Cognitive Behavior Therapy would be something you should try you will need to contact your primary physician. In most cases you will need a referral to a local therapist, experienced in this treatment.

You should also research local therapists in your area. You will want to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and are able to connect with.