Plagued By Dry, Cracked Heels?

If the heels of your feet are dry, rough, and cracked, they can be painful.

The cracked heels may be so severe that they bleed. There are several ways to address the problem.

First, you will want to exfoliate away the dead skin.

You can either do this with a chemical product designed to remove dead skin, such as Kerasal, or with a physical product, such as a pumice stone, microplane foot file, or exfoliating scrub.

Whatever method you choose, remove the buildup of dead skin slowly. Never use a knife, nail clippers, scissors, or a razor blade to remove dead skin.

Similarly, do not use a callus reducer to shave away dry skin. It is far better to remove the buildup of dead dry skin gradually over a period of about a week than remove too much dry skin at once and leave your feet excessively tender, or worse, bleeding.

You may find it easier to remove the dead skin if you soak your feet first. You can buy commercial foot baths, or you can use a mixture of baking soda and Epsom salts to soak your feet.

After the dry skin has been removed, you will need to seal in moisture. Choose a rich, emollient cream, such as one specifically designed for dry, cracked heels or calloused skin. For best results, apply the product just after your foot soak.

If regular care using these methods does not solve the problem of your dry, cracked heels, you may have a foot fungus. Talk to your doctor about antifungal medications.

If you are a diabetic, or have other diseases which limit circulation and sensation in your feet, do not attempt to resolve dry, cracked heels on your own except by applying a moisturizing cream. Talk with your doctor about the best choices for you.