Moderate Intake Of Alcohol Can Stop Gallstones

UK researchers have revealed that drinking 2 units of alcohol a day can protect against the risk of gallstones. This data was collected from 25,000 men and women.

Gallstones are common and complications only occur in 3 in 10 cases and gallstones do not occur until later in life. [Get Rid Of Gallstones]

Alcohol can reduce the cholesterol in the bile in the gallbladder where gallstones form.

Those at risk of contracting gallstones are women who are pregnant, obese persons and those who have rapid weight loss. One in three women will get gallstones, and one in six men.

The study looked at the link between diet and cancer in men and women in the 45-74 age range. Two thirds of cases reported were women and those who did develop gallstones were approximately aged 62 on average.

The risk of gallstones fell 3% with every unit of alcohol drunk. Participants in the study who drunk little or no alcohol were at a 32% higher risk of contracting gallstones than those participants who drunk 2 units of alcohol.

Dr Paul Banim from the University of East Anglia conducted the study said that regular alcohol intake can increase the levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, protecting against cardiovascular disease and altering the amount of cholesterol in the bile.

Excessive intake of alcohol can increase health problems. To reduce the risk of contracting gallstones it is recommended by doctors that only two units of alcohol is consumed.

Dr Andrew Hard, senior lecturer in gastroenterology, and colleague of Dr Banim, has said that these findings are helping doctors to understand how gallstones are formed.