Link Between Heart Disease And Insomnia

Do you lie in bed tossing and turning on a regular basis?

For many people today sleep seems to be elusive or unattainable.

It is estimated that one out of every eight people experience sleepless nights or chronic insomnia, on a regular basis.

This can lead to a number of problems including exhaustion, lowered immune system, and risks for injury due to lack of coordination.

However, insomnia can also have lasting effects on the body for years to come. In recent studies it has been discovered that insomnia can be a factor in the development of heart diseases like heart attacks.

Stress Can Be the Culprit

While everyone knows that not being able to sleep can be a product of a stressful life, stress caused by lying in bed fighting to fall asleep, can be the culprit of heart disease.

It is thought that the stress caused by tossing and turning can raise blood pressure to unsafe levels, and lead to heart disease over the course of many years.

In addition to being the culprit in cardiovascular diseases, studies also show this can raise the risk for stroke and other conditions as well.

Sleeping Late can be Beneficial

Another recent study examined the amount of sleep required to prevent stress on the heart. In most cases seven and a half hours each night will be plenty.

However, patients who slept more than this amount actually saw a decrease in the development of heart disease.

For example, sleeping one hour more per day is thought to reduce the chances of developing heart disease by almost one third. What better excuse can you find to sleep in on a regular basis?

What Causes Insomnia?

If you want to eliminate the risk of heart disease you first have to discover what is keeping you awake. There are many medications and medical conditions that can cause sleepless nights.

The best thing to do is discuss the condition with your doctor, to first eliminate the possibility of other serious medical conditions like sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome.

If no medical reason can be found, your insomnia may be caused by normal distractions, or interruptions in sleep.

Many people find that sleeping with the television on can cause them to wake up at night. Pets can also cause a disturbance that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Natural Options for Falling Asleep

If you can’t seem to fall asleep or if you wake up every few hours, there are many things you can do to fall asleep and stay asleep. First eliminate any distractions that can keep you up, or wake you in the middle of the night. [Good Night Sleep]

Most people need a dark, quiet environment to sleep best. If you can’t fall asleep to begin with, you might consider reading or drinking a glass of a hot liquid.

However, if nothing seems to provide relief, you might consider taking a sleep aid to retrain your body’s time clock. There are many non habit forming options available.

By discovering the cause for your sleepless nights, and getting some rest, you will feel better now and in the future.