Home HIV Test Kits Are Not Accurate

Health Canada released a statement that advised not to rely on home testing HIV kits particularly the new Clean Testing HIV Home Kit because they have not been approved by medical licensure boards and can produce false results that may cause infected parties not to seek proper treatment.

The federal department issued an advisory statement that the home kit has not been evaluated by Health Canada and encouraged consumers not to purchase it.

Health Canada officials also stated that the primary problems are that an infected person may be misdiagnosed or a healthy individual may have positive HIV results raising unneeded concern and stress.

Health Canada requires that all home HIV test kits be issued a license from the department before they can be sold or advertised in Canada under the Medical Devices Regulations that are in place in Canada leading to the department to ask Clean Testing to cease selling the device.

Canadians are advised not to purchase the kits from the internet or any other source and the Health department will continue to monitor the activity of the company to decide if they need to take additional action.

Additionally, anyone who has taken an HIV test at home is encouraged to see a doctor for appropriate testing and follow-up procedures.

Those who have not taken a test but are concerned about their HIV status should also seek a doctor’s advice for testing and further counseling about how to reduce future risks to their health.