Preventing Gas Discomfort

Gas discomfort can be very embarrassing for you. There are times when gas will release without notice.

Having gas discomfort in a public place is never a pleasant thing. Gas discomfort will usually start with a cramping pain, and your stomach will go round and round.

Another type of gas discomfort happens when you can feel the rolling in your stomach and the cramping, but you are unable to release anything. This type of gas can really make you feel ill. Gas discomfort can be caused by different factors such as diet, medications, and illness.


There are many different food types that can cause gas discomfort. Some major food varieties that are famous for causing gas discomfort are beans, peas, soybeans, cabbage, and onions.

These food varieties are full of a type of big sugar molecules that cannot be broke down into your small intestine.

The big molecules pass into your big intestine where the big intestine tries to break them down and when it does it causes you gas discomfort.

To keep this gas discomfort from happening when you eat, you should avoid these foods as much as possible. Another way to handle gas from these foods is to take an over the counter enzyme before you eat which will prevent gas discomfort.


Diet will play a big part in your avoiding gas discomfort. If your discomfort comes from being constipated, then you will want to eat a diet rich in fiber. A high fiber diet can include popcorn, whole wheat bread, raspberries, and artichokes,etc.

Fiber will help to push your food through, and get rid of your constipation problem, and will let you release gas brought on by the constipation. [Constipation Relief]

Oxygen and Discomfort

There are many things you can try to help relieve gas discomfort. One thing you can try is to take in less air when you are eating. You will want to make a conscience decision to eat slower and not gulp your food so less air will go down into your stomach.

If you are a gum chewer or you like hard candy then you are probably swallowing air while you are enjoying your sweets. Those drinks that you get from a fast food place can also be causing your gas discomfort.

Carbonation in your drink can give you discomfort, and drinking from a cup with a straw can too. Drinking from a straw will make you take in excessive amounts of air.


Medications can be a factor in gas discomfort. Some of those medications are:

  • Sporanox: this is a drug that treats nail fungus
  • Itraconazole: antibiotic for fungal disease
  • Isox: a medication for blood vessel disease
  • Vesanoid:  a cancer medication

You will want to ask your physician for other medications you can take beside those that bring on gas discomfort.

Gas discomfort can be a very aggravating problem for you. With the right research and diet, you should be able to eliminate a lot of your gas discomfort.