Overindulgence In Cola Is A Serious Health Risk

Whilst a reasonable intake of sodas like cola is pretty safe and can be an acceptable part of a regular healthy balanced diet, over indulging in them can lead to health problems.

A team of Greek researchers have found that an excessive amount of cola can result in low levels of potassium or even hypokalemia.

Data was produced from people who were suffering muscle weakening symptoms ranging from severe paralysis to mild discomfort.

Dr Moses Elisaf who headed up the team is warning that with consumer preferences now leaning towards soft drinks there are a number of identifiable health issues being created.

Besides the obvious toll that sugary drinks take on teeth and gums, diabetes and other diseases are being increasingly noted.

Elisaf and his colleagues at the University of Ioannina’s Department of Internal Medicine concentrated on people who had consumed a daily cola total of between 2 and 9 litres.

In one very extreme case, a young woman who was pregnant came into hospital suffering from vomiting and fatigue. Her low potassium levels were explained by the fact that she had been knocking back a daily regime of seven litres of cola for almost a year. A similar case found a pregnant woman drinking three litres every day.

Whilst soft drink manufacturers are naturally fending their corner, Dr Clifford Packer believes that there is a big problem from over consumption.

Packer is quick to retort that aggressive marketing and the phenomenon of super sizing at burger outlets means that worldwide tens of millions of consumers drink over two litres every single day.