New Manual Aims To Assist Those Caring For People With Dementia

According to the latest survey in California there have been around 50,000 new cases of dementia in the state in the last year.

According to the same sources, this figure continues to grow dramatically year after year, this is the region with one of the oldest populations in the US.

A new manual issued by health authorities includes examples and suggestions of everyday and easy to implement suggestions for both- for the patient and the caregiver, so that both can lead a normal life as possible within the process which involves the care of these patients.

The guide aims to help with useful and practical information on the care required by people with dementia at different stages of the disease.

There are over 80 different forms of dementia. Of these, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common and known as representing between 60 and 80 percent of cases.

Symptoms like memory loss and cognitive and communicative skills or lack of other skills to lead a normal life are common in this type of disease, but each individual can be affected very differently.

This is in addition to the emotional and behavioural problems arising from these diseases, which causes the care of a person with dementia to be stressful and very sad for the families, who often do not know who or what to do.

According to figures used by the organization, in just a few years there has been an exponential growth of cases of dementia due to the patients suffering from this disease never recovering, one in twenty people over 65 years and one in five older than 80 suffer from some form of dementia.