Chlamydia Becoming More Widespread Amongst Underage Teens

The promiscuous behavior of adolescents is having a serious affect on their health and the instances of sexually transmitted diseases, in particular Chlamydia, is increasing at an alarming rate.

Last year the number of cases reported by fifteen year olds, doubled from just over one thousand to two thousand. This typifies the problem of STDs in youngsters as in 2003 the figure was a mere fifty two.

Some claim that the rise is the result of a national screening campaign, in place since 2003. In other words more young people tested, a big number of positives that will be found but others are more worried about the issue.

Although very easily treated by using antibiotics, the biggest problem with chlamydia infection is that for females there are almost no symptoms. If left untreated it can cause infertility and sometimes passes from pregnant woman to the fetus growing in the womb.

Men will usually experience a white discharge or pain when urinating. It is estimated that over 2 million American citizens have the disease and it is a worldwide problem. It can be passed orally, as well during anal and sexual intercourse.

Many believe that it is up to various governments to ensure that teenagers and adolescents are made fully aware of the dangers. It should become a key part of sex education in school and equally parents should take responsibility and not assume that their offspring will find out from other sources.

Now that the AIDS epidemic has been controlled, the next generation seems to be oblivious to the very real dangers of multiple partners and unprotected sex.